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Tome of Terror

There is the world that we know and the world that we don’t want to know. It’s that world that we try to ignore and try to pretend doesn’t exist. Despite these attempts, we realize that the dark truth is that it’s out there. It’s nervously whispered about. Tales of its denizens have been spoken of around fires since the earliest of times. These stories have been gathered and written into books that the faint of heart dare not open.
The Tomb of Terror is just such a book. Its pages contain fourteen of the creepiest chronicles ever put to paper about the deadly shadow world that exists within our own. Take the journey into that other realm of reality that few have the courage to walk. It begins with the first step…turn the page.

The short stories are by: Cassidy Raine Wolters, Jon Flushing, Doug Ward, Jerry Clark, B.C. Richards, Leonard Herrington, Scott Lee, and April Ward

Dreams of Cerberus

Cerberus is the three-headed dog that guarded the entrance to the Underworld in Greek Mythology. He would allow the dead to enter, but kept them from escaping back to the world of the living. We can only imagine the horrific images and cries of the tortured and the damned that he witnessed and heard as the Hound of Hades. We can be sure that they must have haunted the dreams of his three canine heads. The dreams of Cerberus would have been nightmares.
We believe nightmares only happen while we are asleep. The assumption is a faulty one. We share the world with witches and demons, killers and cannibals, and many other creatures that we don’t want to believe exist. Ten stories of eerie encounters with the dark beings that terrorize and torment us are told here in these pages. The stories cover long periods of human history, because the truth is; they have always been here with us.
Dreams of Cerberus is an anthology of ten short horror stories by authors Jon Flushing, B.C. Richards, and Leonard Herrington.

BOOKS FROM the Writers 3


The Forging of the Ring is a collection of fantasy short stories. 

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Blood & Steel is a collection of fantasy short stories. 


the Writers 3

Future Imperfect is a collection of science fiction short stories.