Books by Leonard Herrington

The Elmdale Sagas:  Book One

There are two Elmdales. One is the portrait of the stereotypical American small town. The tree-lined streets suggest a sense of unhurriedness and serenity. The quant business district comes complete with small shops and boutiques, a bank, post office, library, and a few restaurants. There is a beautiful little park down by the river. It could be any small town, but it’s not, it’s Elmdale.
The other Elmdale is anything but typical. Despite appearances to the contrary, it is a dark vile place. Strange things happen, strange unexplainable things. Every shadow hides horrid evil creatures. The silence of the night is often marred by sounds that are far from human. The residents appear not to notice. No one seems to be afraid, but everyone should. People die in Elmdale….lots of people

The Elmdale Sagas:  Book Two

When Evil went looking for a place to live it found the perfect location….Elmdale. Elmdale, a sleepy little town with stately Victorian Houses, beautiful tree-lined streets, quaint little shops, and a picturesque park by the river, was a community where everyone knew everyone. That all changed when Evil settled in. The newest resident in town brought out the very best in the people of Elmdale….their dark, twisted, horrible best.

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The Elmdale Sagas:  Book Three

Murder and mayhem are the new norms in Elmdale.  The residents of the quiet little community go about their daily lives completely unaware of the horror that takes place within it.  What is to become of Elmdale? Only one being seems to know. He grins an evil grin. The residents of Elmdale are his playthings. He is turning their town into a nightmarish hell.  He laughs at their pain. Elmdale belongs to him.

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