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Poop Is Good

What if your poop could talk?  What if it talked and had an attitude to boot?  What if someone decided to write about it in a book?  Then stop wondering because Poop Is Good is here.  Check out the chatty crappy, the long-winded log, the shit-talking Shitz himself, Big Al. 

If you want to rap about rectums, then he’s your turd.  If you want to banter some bowel movement, then he’s your bobbin’ brownie.  If you want to get all philosophical, then you probably need to get some other kind of book.

Big Al lets it all hang out.  He discusses birth, life, sex, and many other important topics from the viewpoint of common fecal matter.  Don’t be a party pooper!   Read what Big Al has to say.  It won’t leave you in the dumps (LOL) guaranteed!

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World War Poo

What started out as a fairly normal day for Duncan Wager would end up being the shittiest day of his life...literally!  Shit would hit the fan in ways that he could never have possibly imagined.  Would Duncan let this shit ruin his life or would he get his shit together?

Come join Duncan in this hilariously epic tale of friendship, love, loyalty, betrayal, courage, war, down-right stupidity, and of course poop!  Watch Duncan go from first class asshole to world class hero as he fights to win World War Poo.

Tale Of Two Shitties


Duncan Wagner’s world is falling apart. Everything he ever loved and cared about is gone. How did his life end up in “The Crapper”? Can Duncan rise above it all or is he “up shit creek without a paddle”? For answers to these questions and many more, read a Tale of Two Shitties. It’s a story about love, loyalty, betrayal, heroism, and little smelly brown stuff. What more could anyone ask for in one book?

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All the fantastic forays of Big Al collected in one book!